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French at Cromer

NBSC Cromer Campus is offering French to year 7 students through a semester based program. Learning a language is an important skill which provides opportunities in the future for work commitments, travel and engages students with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the world and its peoples. 


French is not only the official language of France and francophone countries, but also an administrative and widely spoken language in many countries around the world such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland in Europe; Quebec in Canada; countries in the South Pacific region and parts of the continent Africa.

Year 7 students develop their skills in communication through speaking, reading, writing and listening activities. These class activities involve students to interact, respond and compose simulated situations in order to provide real world contexts. Students develop their understanding of the language through the study of grammatical structures and the role of the language and culture. They also develop an appreciation and value for the culture and beliefs of Francophone societies.

Students are provided with an interactive course using Google Classroom, which allows them to reflect and practice their language skills in revision contexts. 


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