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Mobile Phone Policy

Smart Phone

Use of Mobile Communication Devices – Policy & Procedures

(Mobile Communication Devices include mobile phones, smart watches, airpods, earphones etc)


NBSC Cromer Campus supports the restrictions of mobile phones in accordance with the NSW Department of Education: Students’ Use of Mobile Phones in Schools Policy DoE Use of Mobile Phones - Policy Link

Mobile phone use in schools can impact student learning and wellbeing. Restricting mobile phone use at school aims to increase focus in classrooms, remove distractions and promote positive social interaction, while reducing the potential for online bullying.

NBSC Cromer Campus has strong teaching and learning practices to support students in the classroom using various forms of appropriate technology, which maximises the benefits and minimises the risks of digital environments and prepares students for life beyond school. We foster a safe learning environment which supports and enhances each child’s social and emotional health through our wellbeing and learning support teams.

The procedure outlined in this policy guides student use of mobile communication devices and online services at school. Our school recognises the harm that maybe caused by mobile phones. We encourage and educate our students to use mobile communication devices in a safe, responsible and respectful way beyond school.


This procedure provides a consistent framework for the use of Mobile Communication Devices in our school. It sets out shared responsibilities of school staff, students and parents /carers. It also provides a framework to manage the misuse of mobile phones and communication devices.

This procedure covers student use of Mobile Communication Devices such as phones, smart watches, air pods, earphones and online services in all school related settings, including on school grounds, at school related activities, (i.e. school excursions etc) and outside of school where there is a clear and close connection between the school and the conduct of students.

Student Expectations – Off and Away All Day.

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing mobile communication devices to school.

All mobile phones brought to school MUST be ‘OFF AND AWAY’ for the full school day, including all breaks, recess, and lunch times. Students must turn off their phone when entering the school site. They may turn on their phones upon exiting the gates and leaving the school site at the conclusion of the school day. This policy also extends to any school sanctioned activity where a student may need to leave school grounds to attend an excursion, school event, or sporting fixture.

Students will have the responsibility to turn off their phone and store it safely in their school bag for the course of the whole school day. This is an approved NSW Department of Education approach and will limit unnecessary distractions and complement our ongoing approach to ensure every student maximises their learning and social growth in a safe and supportive environment.

Exemptions The Principal may, in consultation with staff and families, grant an exemption, marked to the attention of the Principal, which may allow students to use mobile phones in specific circumstances. An application for exemption may be completed and emailed to the school Principal. A ‘Mobile Phone Policy Exemption Application Form’ (Appendix - Mobile Phone Policy Exemption Application) can be obtained upon request from the School Office Manager.

Circumstances where an exemption may be considered include the following: • For a documented educational purpose approved by the Principal, such as to support a student with a disability or specific learning need where a BYOD computer cannot satisfactorily be utilised. • As part of an approved adjustment so as to enable students with specific needs to participate in education on the same basis as other students (e.g. as a translation device which may be used in the classroom for an EALD Student) • To assist families to monitor or help manage a documented health condition or significant wellbeing concern. • Where an identified extenuating circumstance applies (e.g. being primary carer to younger siblings or an unwell family member)

Harmful Effects

Harmful effects of inappropriate mobile communication device use are well documented and using devices inappropriately may impact students in the following ways:

  • Lack of student engagement in learning tasks.
  • Loss of learning opportunities.
  • Potential bullying, intimidation or harassment through SMS or text messaging or through photographic, video, or other data transfer systems available on the phone.
  • Recording of private conversations without the knowledge and permission of those involved.
  • Downloading or accessing inappropriate material on the internet.
  • Filming of any verbal or physical interactions between students that may occur during the school day.

Student Consequences

Consequences for breaching the policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Potential damage of devices. Students who bring mobile communication devices to school do so at their own risk. The school will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to mobile communication devices.
  • Documentation of the incident and phone call to parents.
  • Letter or email correspondence sent home to parents.
  • Mobile communication device will be confiscated. (The device is stored in an envelope in the school office)
  • When parents are notified, arrangements will be made for the phone to be collected by a parent or carer at the end of the school day, unless otherwise arranged with the school.
  • For repeated confiscations, parents or carers may be called for an interview with the Deputy Principal and student.
  • Application of the school’s Wellbeing and Discipline Policy may apply. This can include detentions, Formal Caution or suspension.

Contact between Students, Parents / Carers.

Parents / carers:

Parents and carers may contact their children via the School Office Phone on 9981 1155.


Students may contact their parent or carer during the day from the school office during the scheduled school breaks or at an appropriate time arranged with executive staff and / or the Principal and Office Staff.

Responsibilities and Obligations:


  • Mobile communication devices are ‘Off and Away All Day’.
  • Students are required to demonstrate respect, follow the school procedures and actions taken by staff.
  • Students must be responsible and respectful users of other BYO devices, electronic devices and online services and support peers to do the same.
  • Students are expected to communicate respectfully with peers, school staff and members of the school community.

Parents / Carers

  • Support the implementation of the school’s policy and procedures, including its approach to resolving repeated behavioral issues.
  • Recognise the role they play in educating their children and modelling the behaviours that underpin the responsible and respectful use of mobile communication devices.
  • Take responsibility for their child’s use of mobile communication devices and online services at home.
  • Monitor their child’s mobile communication device use and online presence.
  • Switch off mobile communication devices when attending school functions or meetings.

The Principal and Teachers

  • Establish and support the whole school expectation of mobile communication devices: Off and away all day Policy & Procedures
  • Educate students of inappropriate use of mobile communication devices.
  • Respond to and report any breaches of policy and incidents of inappropriate mobile communication device usage. This may include:
    • Reporting the creation, possession, or distribution of indecent or offensive material to executive staff and the Incident Support and Report hotline
    • Working with the eSafety Commissioner to resolve cases of serious online bullying or image-based abuse.
  • Support parents and carers to understand strategies that support responsible and respectful use of mobile communication devices.

Non- Teaching Staff

  • Be aware of the school’s procedures in relation to mobile phone and communication devices.
  • Report any inappropriate use of mobile communication devices to the principal, school executive or school staff they are working with.

Queries in relation to this policy can be addressed to the Principal or the Principals delegate, usually a member of the senior executive or Office Manager.

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