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Duke of Edinburgh

Northern Beaches Secondary College students in Years 9 to 12 can participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme as an across campus activity.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a flexible, interesting and fun-packed program for all young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to participate in a number of activities over a set length of time.  It is entirely voluntary and is structured so the participants can design their own unique program centred on their interests and passions.

Each year approximately 150 students from across the College take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Students nominate goals and challenges in four areas: Physical Recreation, Skill, Volunteering and Adventurous Journeys and document their regular participation in these chosen areas over a period of three to twelve months.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is about setting goals. These goals are realised with persistence, determination and resilience and will see the student become better prepared for life's challenges in the future. Find out more at the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme website.

For Information about Duke of Ed at Northern Beaches Secondary College please contact:

The College Administration Centre on (02) 9939 6942


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