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Chinese at Cromer

NBSC Cromer Campus offers Chinese (Mandarin) at Mandatory, Elective and HSC levels. Learning a language is an important skill which provides opportunities in the future for work commitments, travel and engages students with the linguistic and cultural diversity of the world and its peoples. 

Modern standard Chinese (also known as Mandarin / Hanyu / Putonghua / Huayu / Zhongwen) is the official language of the People’s Republic of China and the language of communication of approximately one-quarter of the world’s population. It is the major language of communication in Taiwan and Singapore, and is widely used by Chinese communities throughout the Asia–Pacific region, including Australia. Chinese is an important language for young learners in Australia, as Australia progresses towards a future of increased trade, investment, educational exchange, research and development in science and technology, and engagement with Asia. 

Students develop their skills in communication through speaking, reading, writing and listening activities. These class activities involve students to interact, respond and compose simulated situations in order to provide real world contexts. Students develop their understanding of the Chinese culture through in-depth topics about food, traditions, cultural beliefs and national holidays. They also develop an appreciation for the place of Australia within the Asia region, including the interconnections of languages and cultures, peoples and communities, histories and economies.


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