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Cromer Campus School Carnivals

The NBSC Cromer Campus Carnival Championships provide fantastic opportunities for students to progress through the School Sports Pathway in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country. Representation begins at School level, where students compete for their House and if successful, continue to Warringah Zone and beyond. Opportunities are also available for multi-class athletes to compete in their category and progress further, provided they have an official classification. Attendance at the School Championships is compulsory for all NBSC Cromer Campus students.

Your permission is required for all three Championships and your child/dependent to attend and payment can be made using the school’s website. 

Calendar:  Term 1

Time: Arrive at School at 8.30am: Championship time 10.00am – 2.00pm: Return to school by 3.00pm

Location: Warringah Aquatic Centre (WAC)

Cost: $20

Transport: Government buses from NBSC Cromer Campus return

Dress Code: House Colours (Gurian – YELLOW; Kurrawa – BLUE; Nannegai – RED; Wombal – GREEN) OR full PDHPE uniform

Venue Rules: Warringah Aquatic Centre prohibits the following: Hairspray, face paint, streamers & sound systems.

Additional Information: 

Students are to bring their lunch and drinks or there is a canteen available at the WAC.

  • A warm-up lane is available from 9:15 – 9:45, students are who are in the 1st race must be on the 1st bus or make their own way to the venue. Spectator entry is $4.00 per person paid at pool
  • Warringah Zone Swimming Championship at the WAC. (Top 2 athletes/event/age group plus relay teams)


Date: Term 1

Time: 8.30am-3.00pm *1500m competitors must make their own way to the venue by 8:30am

Location: NSW Academy of Sport, Narrabeen

Cost: $20

Transport: Government buses from NBSC Cromer Campus Return

Dress code: House Colours (Gurian – YELLOW; Kurrawa – BLUE; Nannegai – RED; Wombal – GREEN) OR full PDHPE uniform and appropriate sport footwear. Running Spikes allowed on track

Additional information:

Students need to bring plenty of water, lunch, sunscreen, hat If wet weather, please bring jacket / umbrella. Canteen facilities are available at the venue.

Warringah Zone Athletics Championship – Date: TBC at NSW Academy of Sport, Narrabeen (Top 2 athletes/event/age group plus relay teams)


Date: Term 2

Time: 12.50pm - 3.00pm (Lunch – end of Period 6)

Location: Cromer Park and local area

Transport: Nil

Cost: $5

Dress code: Students must wear their full PDHPE uniform, including plain black shorts and red polo shirt and appropriate footwear.

Additional information:

Please note that this is a regular school day and attendance is compulsory.

It is important that students bring necessary school equipment for Period 1-3 for this day.

Warringah Zone Cross Country Championship – Date: TBC at Pittwater Rugby Park. (Top 10/age group)

If your child/dependent has a medical condition that requires medication such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes etc., it is necessary for them to take their own medication to the championships. Students, who have suffered a concussion within the previous 10 days, must produce a medical clearance to participate.

Please note that students and their belongings are not covered by insurance through NBSC Cromer Campus. For further information contact the Sport Department at NBSC Cromer Campus on 9981 1155 ext. 117.

Important Information: In the event of injury, no personal injury insurance cover is provided by the NSW Department of Education for students in relation to school sporting activities, physical education lessons or any other school activity. The Department’s public liability cover is fault-based and limited to breaches by the department of its duty of care to students that may result in claims for compensation.

Parents and caregivers are advised to assess the level and extent of their child’s involvement in the sport program offered by the school, school sport zone, region and state school sport associations when deciding whether additional insurance cover is required prior to their child’s involved in the program. Personal accident insurance cover is available through normal retail insurance outlets.

Parents who have private ambulance cover need to check whether that cover extends to interstate travel and make additional arrangements as considered appropriate.

The NSW Supplementary Sporting Injury Benefits Scheme, funded by the NSW Government, provides limited cover for serious injury resulting in the permanent loss of a prescribed faculty or the use of some prescribed part of the body. The Supplementary Scheme does not cover medical expenses or dental costs .Further information can be obtained from https://www.icare.nsw.gov.au/injured-or-ill-people/sporting-injuries/payments/#gref Further information regarding student accident insurance and private health cover is provided at: https://app.education.nsw.gov.au/sport/File/1449